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    It’s a Fox!

    El Zorro
    An Sionnach
    Le Renard
    Der Fuchs

    A little animation test by eimhinssecrettumblr

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    what do friends do, miss pauling? (this is my new fav tf2 sfm omg)

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    Artist Chris McMahon buys other people’s landscape paintings at thrift stores and puts monsters in them.

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    here’s a video of an armadillo playing if youve never seen that before

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  9. Sabatora Negora
    Hachiware Negora and Migora
    Negora vs Rat
    Chatora Negora
    Negora vs Carp
    Shibara vs Negora


    Negora Illustrations by Konatsu / Tumblr

    Konatsu will be in attendance for her first US art show, opening June 28th 2014, at Q Pop! / Tumblr.

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  10. Etam Cru New Mural - Lubin, Poland
    Etam Cru New Mural - Lubin, Poland
    Etam Cru New Mural - Lubin, Poland