3. drew-green:

    Hey folks!

    So I wasn’t even aware until I did some digging, but apparently my Bravest Warriors cover has been revealed (and possibly printed and published?).  I think it’s issue #23 and according to what I’m seeing, it came out last month.  So here’s that!



    Note:  Oh hey, it appears tumblr is being super weird and not posting high-res images today, so we’ll see if this works.  If not, I’ll just replace the image later.

  6. sawdustbear:


    Oregon is so goddamn pretty, so I stole this dude out of the gallery for a short walk. 

    The Giant Pacific Rockbeast is native to Pacific Northwest coastal regions, although smaller variants have made it further south.

    Rockbeasts burrow into naturally formed rock crevices when they are little, and dissolve the rock from inside as they grow. They are generally able to find a rock that will accommodate their predicted adult size. The ones that do not will usually die when they eventually dissolve the last of the available rock, and expose themselves to external elements. This rockbeast is lucky to have found a rock that fits him so snugly.

    While they primarily prefer to stay near water, they often venture out to forested areas on cold and rainy days. They thrive on a diet of small bugs.

    (If you’d like to adopt this dude, he is still available as part of the Dubious Beasts:Symbiosis show, at Archimedes Gallery)

    Reblogging some old stuff(on queue) because I’m in the desert building a haunted house! :) This dude is from my May show with Leslie. He’s still available!

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    Paper art by Morgana Wallace on Tumblr

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  8. uncannyvalleyofthedolls:

    Japanese children’s fashion of the 1950s, including Shichi-Go-San kimono and candy.

    (Source: Flickr / vintage-japan, via tokyo-fashion)

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    A CHICKEN NOW??!?!?!

    Well, that mexican stand-off escalated quickly.

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    BAPE x Peanuts